KÖSZÖNTJÜK A MÓRAHALMI ÉS A PÉCSKAI  BIVALYREZERVÁTUM HONLAPJÁN! KÖSZÖNTJÜK A MÓRAHALMI ÉS A PÉCSKAI  BIVALYREZERVÁTUM HONLAPJÁN! Bine ati venit  pe pagina oficiala a bivolilor de rezervatie de la Morahalom si Pecica! Welcome to the website of the Bufallo farms of Mórahalom and Pecica!

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Name of the project:

„Sustainable rehabilitation programme for saline habitats and wetlands on protected territories through naturalization”

Lead partner:

Local Government of Mórahalom

Starting date of the project:

01 March 2011

Closing date of the project:

30 April 2012

Sum of ERFA support:

339 035, 25 EURO


The FENNREHAB project wishes to realize the environmental rehabilitation of cross-border protected wetlands through the naturalization of water buffalos (bubalus bubalus).  Through that, we treat endangered saline habitats in Hungary, and fragile riverside floodplains in Romania.

The added value of the project is the cross-border wetland rehabilitation and prevention activity providing a log-term, low-impact and economic solution to the similar problems of both regions.

Home   |   News   |   The project   |   Buffalo Reservation   |   Contact   |   Gallery   |   Press   |   Our Partners  |  Downloads

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